Academy Night!

This month on the 19th, come check us out at our new digs in the Warlord Combat Academy located in Irving, Texas! These guys have a long-standing history with the combat community at large, both in Texas as well as Nationwide!

With a space equaling 1800 sqft of dueling room, plenty of helmets combined with our stock of light-based weaponry, this partnership stands to boast a fruitful future for both parties involved!

How does this effect you, the Kyber Combatant? Well, first off we still plan on hosting free-to-play meet’s at Addison Circle. We will just be offering additional indoor classes for members of Warlord Combat Academy. $25 get’s you access to 1 meet per week, while $50 will get you in to both meets each week. On top of that, for $75, you get access to their Metal-armor league WITH metal armor rental covered.

For now, this first meet will only be $10 at the door. If you do not have access to a Lightspeed regulation 3/4″ OD blade, there will be another $10 to cover your blade rental. For $20, you can try out Kyber Combat and Lightspeed in the safety of Air-conditioning!

We start at 7 pm sharp, and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you!

– George Luetkemeyer

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