May Update

So, it’s been a while since our last post on the website, and that is going to change from here on out. We’ve been busy this past year, our social media presence has grown, our attendance rate has tripled and we’ve even completed a few official gigs! Now, more than ever, Kyber Combat feels so real and full of potential.

First off you can expect a few tips and tricks in the next few weeks regarding some of the best ways we as a group have found to utilize the strengths (and weaknesses) of the Ren-class saber. The crossguard (angled or straight) boasts a 34 inch blade with a 10-12.5 inch handle coming in at a max weapon length of 48.5 inches (that’s the same length as the Rey class, just different proportions).

We will be focusing firstly on maneuvers to utilize the quillions of the crossguard to redirect opponent’s attacks and follow up with a counter.

You read that right! Lightspeed Saber League has officially recognized Kyber Combat as one of the OG bases to be included in the league outside of the state of California! Granted this was pretty much a thing for a while, it’s been cemented even further now that Kevin, Kyle, Presten and George have all been officially recognized as Lightspeed Knights and Officers within the league! (Unofficial Gold LSL Wingbat emblem on the following pictures to represent LSL Officer status)

Last but not least, it seems like Alfie Coy from 97.1 The Eagle discovered us while perusing the interwebs and is planning to make an appearance on the 29th of May! Come out and join us all for this special meet-up, as the radio station is sending a film crew to document the whole meet!

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