When a group of friends stumbled upon something more…

Welcome to Kyber Combat! We are the premier Lightspeed Saber League Dallas Base and are able to offer you the fastest, most intense light-based fencing experience available in the DFW metroplex!

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What is Kyber Combat

“Comradery, Competition and Commitment”
– Kyber Combat


Kyber Combat practices in the Lightspeed format and provides the means for maximized levels of excitement through feats of athleticism, precision and endurance. You’ll discover that people have just as much fun watching the matches as those in the ring!

Working together as a team to grow individually is Kyber Combat’s goal. Long term, we wish to compete against locally based Texas saber groups that also partake in the Lightspeed Saber League format, as well as those nationally within the League.



“Gloves, a mask, and a saber”
– Lightspeed Saber League


The minimum required gear for anyone to compete in Lightspeed-saber fencingĀ®. Lightweight and perfect for speed without sacrificing protection, the Lightspeed fencer’s gear is comprised of a Light-based stunt-saber, a traditional Fencing mask and Lacrosse Gloves.

Players are highly encouraged to bring their own equipment, but gear rental options are available through Kyber Combat! So whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an long time participant, we can provide an environment for all to feel welcome and well equipped.

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How to Join


First and foremost, join our facebook page >here< to stay up to date on our events and news! While we will be posting blog posts and event's on the website, facebook is our primary form of communication to our player base! This is vital to receive notifications for moved times, cancellations, and news on matches the day of!

Second, come out to one of our meets! Kyber Combat regularly meets at 7:30 pm on Saturday evenings at Addison Circle Park in Addison, Tx. Though it is highly encouraged for regular participants to invest in their own saber and protective gear, loaner gear is kept on hand to provide on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, we will ask you to fill out a waiver* once you join in person. Lightspeed-saber fencing, like all combat-sports, is inherently dangerous and never completely safe. Always wear proper protective equipment and fence at your own risk.

Last but not least, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you familiarize yourself with the Lightspeed Scoring System by watching this video below:

*Ā  Waivers are currently being re-written to provide the best service to you, the player.

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